Me, Myself, And Astrology

Who I Am

My name is Blake Donovan. I have been interested in Astrology since somewhere between the time I was eligible to drive a car and walk into a bar and have a drink. Since I did both way before I was eligible to do either it is a matter of little importance except to put the beginnings of my knowledge on a timeline. I am now of the age where I am approaching midlife crisis territory. I'm not worried though as I've already had three midlife crises and they all happened in my twenties. Its good to get these things out of the way. Now I'm all freed up to concentrate on other people's crises.

What Astrology Is

Astrology is....Oh, come on you know what Astrology is. Its how chunks of rock and fire in outer space influence life here on Earth. Dress it up however you want but that is the basic principle. No one really knows how it works but it does work. If you don't think so, it is at the very least highly entertaining and thats all most people want out of life anyway.

However, Astrology is a very serious matter as you can tell by looking at the figure in the above picture. He is an astrologer. He is me.

Order Your Birth Chart Consultation

You may request an analysis of your birth chart which I will be delighted to take a look at. I enjoy interpreting people's character and destiny. There is much to be learned from one's time of birth. Many things you will learn!

It costs 100 USD for a report and consultation regarding your birth chart. You need to know your birth time. That is one of the caveats of having an astrological chart done. It is highly dependent on time.

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