The Aquarius Personality, Savior Of The Human Race

The Aquarius personality is the genius of the species, symbolized by the Water Bearer, pouring forth the waters of divinity.

Aquarius is gifted with the ability to see the big picture of society. Understanding what the masses want and being able to exploit the whims of the public to their advantage, they excel in any form of politics. Where they are unparalleled is in designing systems of thought to capitalize on current trends in sentiment. All they do has a social component to it. Sociology, anthropology, and political science are excellent fields for them to pursue. Studying cultures and forming conclusions about them are second nature.

The Aquarius personality is aware that any action they take has a bearing on the greater environment. Therefore, they are advocates for standards of behavior to be legislated to ensure that all individuals act in the best interests of the whole. When they see others polluting the oceans or treating their children badly they get angry and vocal, speaking out about these injustices.

The Water Bearer cannot tolerate when people do not exercise the political rights that they have. If a person is too apathetic to cast a vote in an election that affects their life the Aquarian gets preachy.

Aquarius remains silent about their own life preferring to focus on group concerns. They sublimate their egos into these larger vehicles preferring expression of the group mind and the articulation of universal thoughts.

The Water Bearer isn’t particularly religious. They see the collectivity of humankind as exhibiting powers equivalent to God and that we have no further than ourselves to look for answers and solutions. Superstition and irrational beliefs that keep humanity from progressing anger the Aquarian.

The Aquarius personality can be the greatest benefactor of humanity or its most trenchant opponent. Because they can see the movements of man with the greatest breadth of all the zodiac signs, they understand where to apply pressure to help him over the hump or to knock him down. However, the Aquarius usually believes in what they are doing and doesn’t act out of spite or malice. Actually, they are the most even-tempered of all the zodiac signs. One would be hard pressed to find a glaring fault in The Aquarius personality.

I’ll have a go at it though.

The Water Bearer has a secret egotism that is harder to detect than in their Leo counterparts but present nonetheless. It is masqueraded under the guise of their peace, love, and goodwill towards all banter.

First of all, they think they know what is best for everyone regardless of their individual needs. Because Aquarius doesn’t have individual needs as much as the rest of the zodiac signs they miscalculate when it comes to the passionate and irrational drives of their fellow brothers. Aquarius regards these drives as selfish and regressive. Maybe they’re right, but nonetheless, they err when they give universal solutions to personal problems. In short, they can be heartless or appear as such to other zodiac signs that have a more parochial view of the world.

Yet, their own egos are ballooned up in the name of their cause and group affiliation. If it weren’t for these the Aquarius personality would be quite pathetic for they have no self to laud. So, it is these involvements of theirs and by extension their involvements in your situation too that make them interfering, and in severe cases, dangerous to society as a whole. Try getting an Aquarian to take you on your own terms, as a flesh and blood creature with incalculable emotions and biases. They’re loath to think in those terms.

The Aquarius personality could learn a few things from their opposite zodiac sign Leo whom they see as selfish and arrogant.

Leo knows they are God’s children and they need no justification or external considerations for being entitled to life’s riches. Leo is not trying to save the world but they are not wrong for this. Leos are here to shine as personalities for no reason in particular. Boy, does that piss off the Aquarius personality!

But trust me, Aquarius thinks it is better than everyone else too. Theirs is a quiet condescension. They think if everyone behaved more like them the world would be a Utopia.

One of the finest exemplars of humanity was Aquarius Abraham Lincoln. He suffered from crippling depressions and self-doubts yet managed to rise above these over the course of his lifetime to prevent America from splitting apart during the Civil War and freeing the slaves with the Emancipation Proclamation.

Typical of Aquarius, it wasn’t until a cause close to his heart presented itself that he rose to greatness. In his youth he tried to be a career politician but it wasn’t in his blood. He served a term in Congress only to return home after his tenure and not stir for another five years. As a member of the Republican Party he tried to skewer members of the Democratic Party by dragging their name into the mud. However, he wasn’t competitive by nature and immediately regretted these low-blow political maneuvers soon after they were delivered.

Lincoln didn’t feel whole as a person until he had prevented the dissolution of the Union. In healing the schism in his country he felt he had healed himself.

Lincoln was married to a woman he was not compatible with but stuck with her because she was from a well-to-do family with political connections.

Aquarians often end up in relationships that are emotionally distant and serve some definite practical purpose. They are capable of great fidelity to their partners but must have a considerable amount of independence to pursue their life of the mind. They are best mated with someone whom has a life of their own and is not going to rely on the Aquarius personality for emotional support. The Water Bearer is truly married to their Utopian ideas and any actual flesh and blood human will not command the amount of attention they devote to these abstract imaginings.