The Aries personality. Ready To Have Your Fuse Blown?

The Aries personality is the life force, the will to exist. Like the universe exploding into existence out of nothingness, Aries is the big bang of the zodiac. The sign represents the most intense expression of masculine energy of all the zodiac signs.

The Ram is the symbol of Aries.

Wherever we have Aries in our birth chart is where we do things however we want. It doesn't have to make sense, be expedient, or even be effective. As long as self-expression is achieved, that is enough for this fire sign.

At this beginning phase of the zodiac the main concern is with developing the will. There is no planning, strategizing, or cost/benefit analysis, just the will to forge ahead. Aries doesn't know what it wants to become but it wants to be important. If they see an obstacle blocking their path, they put down the horns and charge, obliterating that nasty hinderance to their further progress. Aries likes a good fight.

This firebrand has to carve out a spot for itself in a desolate, unfertilized region. There are predators and unsecured bounty in the wilderness. Luckily, the Aries personality embodies the pioneer spirit and that is what they always stay, even after all those tall edifices have been erected, agriculture has been introduced, and people are living in the lap of luxury. Aries lives for the prospect of discovering new lands rather than in the cultivation of what has already been found.

Aries personality is childlike, even infantile. They want what they want when they want it.

The Aries temper is relatively harmless. That surplus of vital energy brims over, there is a big bang and then it is done with. No grudges held.

When obstacles arise in the course of the enterprises they are pursuing they can become rather dumbfounded. Aries has trouble anticipating the exigencies that arise in the course of normal living. They can't imagine failing in their objectives so they deal with crises as they arise, often with a lack of wisdom. This headstrong ram can't grasp political maneuvering or the fine art of diplomacy.

Aries frequently ends up alienating people that are potential allies because they simply can't see situations from anything but their own perspective. In dealings with other people they are direct and honest. They don't hide their nature from others. This willingness to reveal himself, warts and all, is one of the more admirable traits of the ram. Like Popeye says, "I am what I am."

Aries does not apologize for its existence.

The Ram only does things it wants to do. If other people can fit themselves into their scheme then Aries is a wonderful and passionate companion. If they love you, they will fight wars on your behalf.

However, if you get in the way of their freedom to pursue what they wish they are the most difficult of all types to contend with. Aries is quite capable of standing alone. It is the most antisocial sign and often ends up in self-imposed isolation because it don't want to heed the rules of social conduct.

The Ram knows the art of sacred selfishness. Consumed with the ambition of making their personal mark on the world, they forsake all else to their objectives. The Aries personality feels keenly in touch with the divine spark and knows it is their privilege to light the fuse that sets the whole works in motion.

The Ram shouldn't seek to transcend its strong ego. They are here to be strong personalities.

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