Celebrity Astrology, Killing Two Birds With One Stone


The best way to see how the stars are manifesting is to have a look at celebrity astrology charts. It is better than giving isolated examples of the zodiac signs, planets, and aspects.

Celebrities and well-known historical figures have really used their birth charts to get where they are going in life. It is through the stellar configurations in their birth maps that they have achieved fame, notoriety, and sometimes an enduring place in history.

Celebrity astrology charts allow us to see, through widely-publicized actions, what the cosmos is doing in each particular case.

Movie performances, especially ones that are critically acclaimed, often star actors that are playing a role that epitomizes their sun sign. Taurus sun Jack Nicholson beautifully shows the inertness of Taurus in the film About Schmidt. No one but a Taurus could have captured the particular crisis that the character underwent as succinctly as he did. Al Pacino, another Taurus Sun, captures hedonism raised to religious reverence in the film Scent Of A Woman. These two films are very instructive about the true nature of Taurus, more so than any book I’ve ever read on the sign.

Why are Virgo Suns often playing film roles as gigolos and prostitutes? Virgo Suns Richard Gere and Mickey Rourke play gigolos in the films American Gigolo and 9 ½ Weeks respectively. Virgo suns River Phoenix and Keanu Reeves play male prostitutes in the movie My Own Private Idaho. Virgo is not such a prude after all.


When learning Astrology from a cookbook it can be confusing to figure out how the planets, signs, and houses act in concert. You read the interpretation for the Moon in Leo indicating a person full of natural pride and self-confidence. Then you look at an interpretation for the same person that has their Saturn in Pisces conjunct the Ascendant. You can probably go ahead and deflate that natural self-confidence the Leo moon contributed to the chart. This person was born in the dregs of a swamp. Faith will be lacking. It goes on and on with each isolated bit of information. Looking at celebrity astrology charts in action can clear up this confusion.

Want to know what a person with a lot of the water element in their chart behaves like? Have a look at the celebrity astrology chart of Kurt Cobain. He had nine planets in water signs! His life is a testament to the sensitivity conferred on a person born with dominant water. His chart is also rare for having this many water sign placements. Also, every planet in his chart is participating in the Kite formation making quite clear how this formation manifests in real life.

Astrological Theory Versus Real Life

Astrology is a wonderful and elegant system for explaining and anticipating how a life progresses. Often, instead of using astrology to figure out a person, I have used a person to figure out astrology. It is the only definitive way to grasp how these isolated energies are manifesting. A good deal of the literature on astrology is the antithesis of clear expression. Granted, it is not easy to convey the abstruse nature of the zodiac. The reality is that each sign manifests differently depending on what else is around it. In a sense, Leo is always Leo; bright, sunny, and feeling entitled to the lion’s share. But Leo can get depressed too. If you put some clouds in front of the sun its not quite the same day as when you have flawless blue skies. Similarly, if you have the sun in Leo but have Pluto on the ascendant in Virgo and the sun located in the 12th house, that Leo sun is going to have a little trouble shining. The lion is in a cage!

If you look at enough celebrity astrology charts you begin to get a grasp how each individual factor in a horoscope works and can then gauge how it will work in another birth pattern. The method of learning is going from the whole to the parts back to the whole again.

Well, stargazers, pick your poison.

Kurt Cobain. Anemic Royalty