What Astrology CAN do:

Astrology can enable you to master your destiny

Astrology can show you the likelihood of getting along with significant others

Astrology can predict the future (to some extent)

Natal / Birth Chart Interpretation

This is the core of astrological interpretation. Without a firm grounding in one's own birth chart, the transits and progressions and compatibility charts have no context. The birth chart represents one's potential in this life. It does not represent personality type although it has a bearing on personality. It is as if out of all the infinite potentials, our charts show a particular signature of what we are supposed to do. Some charts are very definite in this regard, others allowing for more free will.

Our birth charts definitely show the paths we are meant to take. If we disregard these natural paths we are going to experience suffering and frustration. Yes, the birth chart maps our destiny if we are operating in the light of self-knowledge. It becomes fatalistic and deterministic when we are unaware of our larger environment - the solar system. The alignment of the planets at our births determines much of the course of the rest of our lives, together with our innate temperament and the genetic and racial influences we are working with.

The birth chart is not the territory, nor is it you. It is a map. A map that helps you to navigate thru life.

Synastry Reports

These astrological reports show the compatibility between two people. Here I take two people's birth charts and compare the interaction between them to determine areas of easy relation and points of conflict. In addition to that comparison, a third chart is created called a Composite Chart, which shows the potential of the relationship itself as a third entity. Because this entails interpreting what amounts to 3 separate charts as well as the relationships among them, the cost is necessarily the highest of all offerings here.

If you are truly invested in your relationship with someone, getting this report is one of the most enriching things you can do for the future happiness with this person.

Forecast Reports

These interpretive reports tell us of the upcoming trends in one's life. These are measured against the backdrop of the birth chart thus it is important that one has a birth consultation first before getting into these.

With these reports we can see what's in store for us in love, relationships, career, health, and personal development.

The timelines for forecasts are monthly and yearly. These are very specific to your individual birth chart unlike the sun sign columns in newspapers. Each month usually holds a main event as does each year and each lifetime.

I offer FREE 30 minute initial consultation (in person or via phone) prior to proceeding with the Natal/Birth Chart Interpretation and the Relationship Analysis/Synastry Report:

Do not pay for any of these reports until you have filled out the contact form and I have responded back to you.

Natal/Birth Chart Interpretation - $100

Relationship Analysis/Synastry Report - $250

Forecast Reports - starting at $25

Forecast Reports

Tarot Readings - $20 per question

Please allow 5-7 business days for completion of your astrological report.

Tarot Readings

I offer Tarot Readings in conjunction with and separately from my Astrology interpretations. A Tarot Reading is more appropriate if you have a particular question. Rather than interpreting an entire chart with its multitude of data, you can ask a particular question and the reading then completely centers around that.

Tarot shares symbolism with Astrology but is more adaptable to particular questions. I sometimes use Tarot when doing an astrological chart for clarification of particular factors.

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