Gemini Personality, The Unbearable Lightness Of Being

Gemini is the sign of the twins. One twin is dark and the other is light. All conceivable dualities reside in the Gemini personality. Good-Evil, Light-Dark, Master-Slave. Gemini usually orders its personality around the axis of lightness and disowns the dark twin. Thus, they have their reputation for superficiality.

It is true that Gemini often finds unpleasant information to be unpalatable and instinctively they run from bad news preferring to focus on the positive. In America this is not surprising because America is Gemini rising. There is nothing wrong with focusing on the positive unless it is focused on to the exclusion of all else.

On the other hand, Gemini is a sign that can stare unflinchingly into the shadow and report on what is going on there.

The Gemini personality often vacillates between cycles of feverish nervous stimulation and periods of withdrawal. Often, it is hard for them to shut down their minds and just do nothing so they burn out their nervous systems and then shut down from exhaustion.

Curiosity is the main trait of the twins. They are tireless in searching for new activities, people, and diversions to piece together the puzzle of life. One thread leads to another and one road leads to another. They want to know where all the byways of the highway lead to.

They retain a youthful quality of zest and enthusiasm throughout their whole life. Peter Pan didn’t want to grow up and neither does Gemini.

Conversationally, Gemini has interesting things to say. Witty and jesting, they intersperse their commentaries with vivid and alluring anecdotes. The gift of gab falls to these merry pranksters. The evil twin in them enjoys playing tricks on people, anything for a little lightness and amusement.

Geminis are terrified of intimacy. Anytime an encounter between two people becomes heavy they will characteristically inject the moment with a joke or a jibe designed to decompress the weight of the proceeding. They are fun companions but good luck trying to get them to commit to a steady relationship. If they do commit, that other person better be exceptionally interesting and varied in their personality.

The fine arts is an area where the Gemini personality excels. Here they don’t have to be a worker drone and adhere to a rigid schedule. Boredom is hell for the twins. A nine to five job is not for them.

Essentially, Gemini is the cosmopolitan. They thrive in big cities where there is always activities and happenings to keep their active minds occupied. New York city is the twins dream come true, the city that never sleeps.

The fall from the Garden of Eden is a good metaphor for understanding the Gemini personality. When Adam and Eve partook of the apple from the Tree of The Knowledge of Good and Evil they were expelled from paradise.

That’s what curiosity gets you!

They traded the bliss of unawareness for knowledge of their condition. This is the heart of Gemini. They see all too clearly and compensate for this awareness by seeking relief in light entertainment and comedic antics.