Gemini Moon

Oh, they’re hip alright. Before you can say thingamajigger these deft souls have got three more Katmandu expressions to match. They feel with their minds. Feelings aren’t the strong point of Gemini moon. The arts, literature, and humanities suit them fine. If you love them give them a cell phone as soon as it comes out or anything that glitters and has a bunch of buttons.

Gemini moon women strike one as pixies that have fallen to earth and are looking for someone to bewitch. The men of this moon are looking for a little pixie to beguile their own mazy mind.

The moon has partial rulership over the mental faculties so being in Gemini makes the mind quicker in the uptake. Gemini moon people learn new subjects quickly and can remember intricate lines of dialogue from books, movies, or their cell phones. Yes, cell phones were made for these people and Geminian people in general. Did you know America is ruled by Gemini? Just a little tidbit for you to soak into your uptake valve, then quickly forget.

Commitment is a four-letter word to Gemini moon people. If you want one of them, don’t, I repeat, do not come on strong to them. They will forget you quicker than yesterday’s text message. Jealousy. No. Possessiveness. No. Cell phones, yes. Get them the newest thingamajigger on the block. They’ll come around.

Gemini moon needs multimedia entertainment. Input, input, need input. Need television, radio, computer, and cell phone on simultaneously because if I get bored I’m gonna be a bitch to be around. A car ride around the neighborhood suits them fine. Show them something new. Be telegrammatic. Show them your coin collection. Need input.

As you may have gathered from the foregoing, Gemini moon is fun. They are positively stimulating and in need of stimulation, so they are sensitive to your stimulation needs. They might play you a song you never heard before that thereafter becomes your favorite song for a long time. Usually, it’s some little aspect of the world that you’ve never noticed before. These people come along and point it out to you, making what seemed mundane, magical. It’s that pixie dust they always got in their back pocket.

They expect the same magic from you. Be amusing.