The Leo personality, Here Comes The Sun

Aah, the infamous Leo, the lion, the king of creatures. Well, that is a good starting point. The Leo personality wants to rule. You know their pitfalls. They are arrogant, dictatorial, showy, and obnoxious attention-getters.

The thing about Leo is that he has a need to feel special, that he is an individual in a way no other is. Leo is the sign of maximum personality projection. They have developed personality and self-hood to the furthest extent.

Leo’s greatest creation is himself.

The Leo personality is magnanimous when it comes to bestowing favors on his subjects. His tactics are not underhanded. He fights fair and with honor. This distinguishes him from Scorpio, another sign of power.

He is a child of the sun and Childhood is a good way to picture Leo’s bombast. It originates out of an innocence and a naivete. If he annoys by his need to get a reaction from the crowd it is all good-natured fun.

The Leo personality lives or dies by applause. Approbation for his efforts gives him energy to continue. In this way he is unlike Aries, another fire sign, who doesn't need applause but just requires people to stay out of his way to let him pursue what he wishes.

Leo is beginning a phase where there is an awareness of other people but they are looked upon as inferiors. Leo feels the spirit coursing through his brawny body and feels like a channel for the divine power. This is in reality what the function of the King archetype is, a physical representation of divine command, ruling with god.

The Leo personality can forget that it is not him who originates this power but that they are a vessel to contain and transmit the holy might. Thus, Hubris and excess Pride are two sins of the sign. It is no accident that a group of lions is called a pride.

Leos abound in the field of speculation. They relish the idea of using their intuition to outsmart the market. In this realm, they are not beholden to anyone and they live or die by their own judgments.

Leos can be very bright. They get the knack of how to do things quickly. Whether it is a spiritual system or a way to obtain riches, Leo is quick in the uptake.

Leo is the generalist par excellence. Broad strokes are the province of this fellow. Leos abhor details and meticulousness.

Leo rules the heart. They are courageous and attuned to the intuitive faculty. They feel their way into situations without a lot of training. They act the part. Leo understands acting very well. They excel at this craft. Drama and characterization are Leo’s stock in trade.

The Leo personality likes to move around town associating with people who can make things happen. They like to place big bets and be dealmakers. Being the talk of the town cheers them up, dreaming of how all their magnificent exploits will be marveled at is the tonic of this creature that dreads being small and insignificant.

Make it big, loud, and colorful. Let the gestures be noble and uplifting.

The Leo personality is the warmest in the zodiac with a gigantic heart of gold. They are prejudiced like Cancer. They have their favorites and the ones they absolutely detest, either way their passions and antipathies are writ large and they are not shy about sharing them either. They will sing the praises of those that fill them with life and they will attack and bully the ones who remind them of the sordidness and pettiness of life.

Leo hates pettiness more than anything. People that are nit- picky and make mountains out of molehills irritate their gregarious sun-filled spirits. Anything that debases and sullies the spirit dragging it into a fetid, bureaucratic, and regimented, world of minutia angers the lion. Leo does not like to be reminded of the muck and the underside of nature. They prefer the sovereignty of spirit, dwelling in the realm of Camelot. They don’t want to be reminded that the knights of olden days were often not in noble or venerable circumstances and that they slept on beds of straw. No, that destroys the myth that Leo upholds in his imagination.

The Leo personality sees situations very much in terms of good versus evil and he is always on the side of the good and the noble. Much of life is like a fairytale to him. He makes dragons out of teachers that he doesn’t like and princesses out of women that he pines for. He has trouble seeing the real world and the baseness in it. He wears rose-colored glasses much of the time. Leo believes everything will work out in his favor in the end for he the divine child, most favored by Fortune.

A deed of valor is the only one worth committing. The lion is not capable of consciously acting underhanded but Leo can have a shadow the size of Texas because they do not want to know the dark, only to fight the denizens it harbors. Leo often has trouble seeing how they act tyrannically but the lion is often guilty of pouncing on and belittling people that they see under the spell of wickedness, laziness, or whatever they deem wrong. Their opinion is the only one that matters and how dare anyone try to correct them. It’s the pride again. Leo can’t bear to be wrong.

Leo has a need need to mythologize his life, to see his life as a hero’s journey.

Leo keenly feels the call towards "individuation." All the fire signs have this need for the quest. In Leo and Aries in particular there is the search for the Self. Sagittarius is more specifically searching for God and the meaning of all lives.

If the Leo personality does not heed the call he becomes a very lifeless creature indeed. They have a larger mission they want to devote their life to but it all comes back to self-discovery. The hum-drum everyday grind is a death knell to the lion-hearted creature. Leo, more than any other sign, must follow his heart or as Joseph Campbell says, “follow your bliss.” Campbell's book, “The Hero With A Thousand Faces” would be revelatory to the Leo native as Leo embodies the hero archetype as well as the King.