The Libra Personality, Love In The Balance

The Libra personality is looking for balance in their lives and relationships. There are at least two types of Libra. One is decisive and preoccupied with morality. The other type is indecisive and has a concern with esthetics. These two types can be present in one person but frequently one or the other predominates.

The first type of Libra is more influenced by Saturn’s exaltation in this sign. Here we have the natural born judge. This Libra personality is severe and dispassionate, having a preoccupation with what is fair and seeking to make sure the punishment fits the crime.

Ideals and principles guide the sign and it makes decisions based on these internal standards. With Libra it is always the idea that counts, the idea of perfect Justice or perfect Balance. In real life these ideals rarely exist so Libra sees itself as the one that has to right the balance. When the decisive Libra decides to redress an imbalance you better look out because some heads are gonna roll. They have no mercy when it comes to the dispensation of Justice, preserving their precious idea before they spare any one individual they perceive as an offender of that idea.

The second indecisive type of Libra is influenced by the rulership of Venus in this sign. This Libra personality is the archetypal lover and artist. They are less inclined to take concrete or practical action as in the first type. Their province is the liberal or fine arts. This type of Libra excels in the art of relationship and mediating between conflicting parties. Marriage counseling is a profession that suits their talents for relating.

The Venus ruled Libra can be passive-aggressive for they tend to disown their anger. The Libra personality is other-focused seeing the virtues and faults of others over their own psychology. So, they can be into blaming the Other when things go bad in a relationship because they see themselves as nothing but sweetness and light. This sign has difficulty with the Shadow archetype. They don’t want to look at the dark underpinnings of love or society.

Painting is a form of expression that appeals to many Librans. The sign’s esthetic orientation and its natural need for Balance and Harmony makes this form of artistic expression particularly satisfying, for they can work out on a canvas the internal standards they hold as platonic ideals. The problems of light, color values, and symmetry of form are healing to resolve for them. Libra pays a particular attention to appearances and I mean this in the highest sense as an artistic attention. Libra is an Apollo archetype contrasted with the Dionysian. Their art deals with appearances and surfaces more than the formless chaos of the Dionysian.

The Libra personality is often politically liberal. They have a “live and let live attitude” toward others, assuming they are the more Venus ruled Libra. The Saturn ruled Libra believes in tight codes of conduct and the proliferation of government institutions to enforce the law. All in all, the Libra personality likes bigger government whether it is to protect his rights or to enforce the law.

Libra is a social sign and sees too much individualism being destructive to societal peace and harmony. If outside agencies can keep the order, so much the better. They believe in democracy and the attempt to protect the greatest number of people’s rights as possible.

The Libra personality is looking for that significant other to share their life with. They want to have a meeting of the minds more than any other realm of compatibility. Discussing ideas with their mates is essential to the health of the relationship. Also, Libra likes to pair with an independent character, one that can go off and do their own thing, leaving Libra to engage in interests that are exclusive to them.

Libra sees the positive in people and situations. Appreciation, that most basic form of love, is an attitude that Libra adopts in relationships with others. They seek to build others up and can make their mates feel like the most beautiful and perfect object on the face of the earth.