The Sagittarius Personality Is Ready To Set The Night On Fire

The Sagittarius personality is irrepressible. You can’t keep a good man down. Nor woman neither. Symbolized by the centaur shooting off his arrows, the Sagittarian personality mirrors this by shooting off their mouth whenever the opportunity presents itself, which to them is quite often. Full of opinions on how the world should be, they preach to anyone within earshot about the foibles of the modern world.

The men are dashing and debonair and the ladies are Amazon women living for the hunt. Sagittarians of both sexes are ambitious and always have a goal or a vision they are seeking to fulfill. The worth of this vision is the key to understanding the sign. On a mundane level the natives of the sign are seeking to be the best in their high school classes always signing up for extracurricular activities, going out for the team, being a cheerleader, and trying to be the prom kings and queens of the world. In short, they want to get ahead in the world.

On a different level we have the person who is not after status or material goals but the spiritual seeker who is dedicated to exploring the far reaches of human consciousness and seeking to consummate the merger with their inner fantastic vision.

Sagittarius personalities of all persuasions love to travel because it is a way to expand their horizons. If not physical travel then voyaging into the realms of inner space is their forte. The common thread is movement and discovering new vistas.

The Sagittarian personality is principled and morally upright. Sagittarius is associated with religion and has strong feelings about faith, their own and others. This is one of the areas where the Sag seeks to fill you in about where your unholy, heathen self is erring. The Sagittarius personality tends to make a religion out of whatever field they are pursuing and become exceedingly knowledgeable in their realm of endeavor. Becoming the “gurus” of their domain, like the sage sitting atop the mountain, they relish the idea of those thirsty souls scaling immeasurable heights to drink from their font of wisdom. But, in lieu of this, they’ll bring the mountain to you free of charge. They do love to preach.

There is a right and wrong way to do things. There is no gray area to the archer. You either hit your target or you missed. You either scored a point or you flubbed the field goal. You’re either a winner or a loser. Now, Sagittarians can decide to be losers but even when they go this route, they do the “down and out” with such magnificence and glory that its raised to a high art.

A good example of this iconic loserdom is seen in the movie, “The Big Lebowski” starring Jeff Bridges (a Sagittarius himself), as “The Dude.” The Dude just wants to smoke pot and drink all day. He is happily unemployed and an avid bowler. Through “chance” he gets drawn into high adventure because he has the same name as a wealthy Lebowski.


Sagittarians are the dudes and dudettes of the zodiac. They’re so damned cool no matter what they do. The centaur is the most likely to have their excesses excused because they are perceived by others as playful folly. They are the Holy Fool.

Being the satyrs they are, the Sagittarian personality knows how to do drunken debauchery like nobodies business (even Pisces). These wanderlust filled sages are the life of the party. Dancing with lampshades on their heads or staging pranks on those hapless party animals who fall asleep a bit too early by remaking their faces in whip cream with cherry toppings is the Sagittarian idea of fun. Spontaneity is the chief reason why the Sagittarian personality is so amusing, coming up with ideas extemporaneously and putting them into action for the benefit of the crowd. If the laughter has to be at someone’s expense, so be it.

The Sagittarius personality detests bad vibes and avoid people that are a drag or bum trip. Winners are the only ones they want in their coterie. Well, even if they are losers, they only associate with the coolest losers on the block, the ones who listen to the hippest music, have the best drugs, and are just all around happening folks. Don’t count on the Sagittarian personality being around when your having a downer day or need someone’s shoulder to cry on. They’ll catch you on the upswing.

If you fall in love with a Sagittarius, God help you. The more you want them the less likely they are to be around. The sense of responsibility that relationships bring sours the Sagittarius personality. They want to be free to come and go as they please. The best way to snare one is be cool and happening yourself or to share a common vision with them. But, you can’t be a drag, that is the biggest turn off to the Archer.

The Sagittarian personality is off in their ivory tower imagining the world as it could be. They see the sordid realities of the world but their peronal visions are the most important possession to them. To the less spiritual type of Sagittarian it is the attainment of a glamorous lifestyle that pervades their attention. It is always an ideal of some variety that fuels the Sagittarian. As they draw closer to their vision they become the Epitome of their chosen ideal. The Sagittarian is image and status conscious so they won’t be caught dead transgressing their vision of who they are and what they represent.

It is necessary for the Sagittarian personality to be inspired, to be on fire with the glory of their vision or they can’t find the wherewithal to do the work required to manifest it. One of the weapons in their armament is absolute confidence in their aims. All those books in the self-help section of bookstores on positive thinking and affirmations are Sagittarius’s precious bounty in times of doubt.

To doubt is a cardinal sin to the archer’s mind. The Sagittarius personality is never an atheist, they always believe in something higher than them that they swear allegiance to. The archer could hardly function were it not for this belief in something that is absolutely righteous beyond question.

Even if they are hit men they are killing in the name of God. In the movie “Pulp Fiction” Samuel L. Jackson (a Sagittarius), plays a hit man who always quotes a fire and brimstone passage from the Bible before he offs someone.


Even though he recites it because he thinks it sounds righteously cool and it fits with his image of himself as an agent of God’s fury, he has an epiphany at the end of the movie about what the passage really means.

At that point, he is prepared to quit the hit man business and “walk the earth” much to his partner in crime’s dismay. In other words, he is going to strive to become holy and be upright in the eyes of God. Like Lebowski he is gonna be a righteous dude whatever that means to him. The Sagittarius personality has to feel like they are in the right in a moral sense or they can’t go on.

A Scorpio has no compunction about committing acts of transgression against God or the “true and beautiful.” They can willingly be on the side of evil and have no problems of conscience, or at least they can overrule their guilt by the force of their will. But, Sagittarius has to feel they are on the side of the good, and more particularly, the righteous. Take away that righteous dude or dudette feeling from Sagittarius and they wither up and “walk the earth” until they figure out where they went wrong.

The Sagittarius personality can spend a lot of time talking and philosophizing about their ideals without acting on them. They are great talkers and can expound on their philosophy until the cock crows.

But, will they practice what they preach?

In the cases where they do walk their talk they have the ability to ascend to greatness in their chosen domain because they are so on fire with their vision that they outshoot everyone with their blazing arrows and their uncanny accuracy of aim.

The Archer needs their signature inspiration or they are, “all show, no go.”

The Sagittarius personality have a lot of advantages if they can just get themselves to work. They are naturally popular and people are ready to hand them success on a silver platter because they enjoy being in the presence of such a joyful and optimistic being. Sagittarians infect others with their inspiration and vision. When they want to, they can sell anyone on what they believe. The centaur has the power to convert others to their way of seeing.