The Scorpio Personality: Sex, Death, And Transformation

The Scorpio personality is intense, probing, secretive, and tomb-like. “Do not go gently into that good night, you have to rage, rage, rage against the dying of the light.” Scorpio is aware of their mortality. They know we are born alone and will die alone. They want to feel intensely alive while they are here. Playing it safe is not allowed.

Fyodor Dostoevsky was a Scorpio and he was put in front of a firing squad which decided not to shoot him. He was then swiftly exiled to Siberia for 10 years. He wrote “Notes From The Underground”, a plaintive and naked confession of a man that has lived underground, so to speak, for a good part of his life.

In his greatest novel, “Crime And Punishment”, the main protagonist, Raskolnikov, commits a murder and then spends much of the rest of the story debating whether or not he should confess his crime. His character is the inverse of Hamlet whom strikes me as being Libran. Hamlet’s father has been murdered and he spends the entire play see-sawing back and forth over the moral implications of taking vengeance on the aggressor.

Scorpio follows Libra, the sign of man-made law, and is often obsessed with committing an act of transgression. The sign is compelled to explore sin and then through the guilt incurred feels a need to repent. Scorpio needs to see how far one can fall from grace and often the sign is burdened with primal impulses that it feels should be translated into acts of will, to test the limits of reality, to see if evil is really what it is cracked up to be.

The Scorpio personality has the maximum awareness of sin being opposite Taurus, the sign representing humankind before the expulsion from the Garden of Eden. Scorpio feels the farthest away from God. In matters of Will, Scorpio would rather reign in hell than serve in heaven.

Scorpio spends a lot of time attempting to control others but they must fight the dragon battle with themselves. Outward control misses the point. They must go within their own psyche and experience whatever they find there, no matter how unpleasant or desolate.

The Scorpio native is a natural born psychologist.

You can lie to a Scorpio personality but they are the least likely of all types to be duped by prevarication. Masters of manipulation themselves they know all the tricks of disguising one’s motives. The Scorpio personality will leave false trails leading you down roads to nowhere while they have your motives all figured out within minutes of meeting you. On the surface they project a poker face but deep inside they are broiling and seething taking all the facets of their surroundings into deep consideration. Being a water sign, they notice moods, nuances, emanations, vibes, atmosphere and the like, all the subterranean minutia of subjective experience.

They notice little things that a less paranoid person might think irrelevant; body language, tone of voice, level of eye contact, blinking, sweating, and nervous tics. If they enter a house they notice how the furniture is arranged, what books are on display, the pictures on the wall, if the house smells like smoke or if there are flowery scents.

The detective in them notices changes in the atmosphere. What does it tell them about these other psyches in their midst? How can they best use these clues to their advantage?

The Scorpio personality discerns pecking orders right away, immediately distinguishing in an organization or a household who the real ruler is, even if that person is not officially recognized as the one in charge. Scorpio works toward discovering prime causes, not interested in secondary effects they push ever closer to the dark heart of the string-puller. Scorpio knows more is going on than meets the eye. Conspiracy theories delight them. They taking for granted that the controllers of the world are hidden from public sight. Scorpio makes a fine covert operative, double agent, or spy. Sneaking and peeking are second nature.

Be careful they don’t go looking through your papers.

Unscrupulous with the protection of other’s secrecy or rights they don’t have time to do things by the book. If they need to know whether a lover is cheating or an employee is stealing from the register they employ their own proven tactics, often psychological and unpleasant.

If Scorpio is on the side of the law they are still a law unto themselves.

Dirty Harry was a cop who got the bad guys but he did it his own way, which often involved a lot of collateral damage but kept the streets safe and the criminals scared. Scorpio believes in making an indelible impression on an offender if it will serve the purpose of warning off future transgressions of the law.

Elimination in the body is Scorpio function. So is elimination of a nasty habit, a relationship or a life.

In religious matters Scorpio can be a fervent believer in their faith to the point where if any one questions the tenets of their chosen religion they will viciously attack. On the other hand if they sense religion has wronged them they will swing to the other extreme and attack that religion at its very root and precepts, becoming a militant atheist. Scorpio is not lukewarm, possessing strong affinities and antipathies

“I Desire” is the Scorpio motto. Their desire nature is strong and they are responsive to promptings from their id, they can have overwhelming desire to the point of usurping reason and rationality. When the Scorpio personality wants something or someone, they want it bad, pursuing it to the exclusion and detriment of all other obligations in their life. Power is one thing they usually want in some measure. Treating people as pawns in their chess game livens them up, the prospect of attaining financial prosperity, it really depends on what level of evolution the Scorpio is at.

At the highest level, they renounce all earthly and worldly attachments and transmute their desire into a wish for divine union. Of all the signs, Scorpio has the widest disparity between their higher and lower developments. On a high level they are saints. On the lowest level they can be the most terrifying of all types to run across. Their will is extremely powerful whatever level they are on so they have the power to cause much destruction and misery or to improve the world in a big way.

The core of Scorpio is the choice between good and evil. The Scorpio personality is in danger of becoming embittered by their perception of evil and chaos in the world and in human nature. If they can’t find the redemptive aspects to this perception, they become nihilistic and believe “all is permissible.” Then they sink as low as humanly possible with hatred, rage, and bitterness dominating their psyches. These are the kind of Scorpios that give the sign such a bad reputation.

A Scorpio personality possessing a high level of awareness will be very honest about their feelings even if they are full of crimson intent. They are revealers of themselves. Scorpio can always see the truth. The question is whether they will use this truth to harm or heal, for their own selfish ends or in the betterment of those they love and trust.

The highest gift of Scorpio is the ability to turn poison into a panacea.