Taurus Moon, "I ain't talkin 'bout no revolution, I'm talkin 'bout having a good time this summer."

The Moon's Exaltation

The Moon loves to be in Taurus for it is here she can rest. The Moon is in its exaltation in Taurus meaning that Taurus brings out the best qualities of the Moon’s nature and tones down its deficits. The Moon at its best is content and stable and indeed in Taurus we see the Moon in its healthiest state, in a state of beautiful stillness. Remember when Juliet admonishes Romeo for swearing by the moon the faithfulness of his love for her. This is a lesson in the highly changeable nature of the moon, not something you can depend on to last long. Taurus changes this signification rendering the Moon reliable and steadfast. People with the Moon in Taurus exhibit that delicate balance between sympathy for others and healthy boundaries. Having this position is a built-in protection against neurotic behavior.

Sensual Libertine Meets Fiscal Conservative

A Taurus Moon native instinctively knows how to have a good time. They indulge their senses without fanfare and in a constant IV drip rather than in excessive blasts of euphoria. Pleasantly plowing their field in the spring sun, Taurus is sensible, not wishing to risk life, limb, and reputation in imprudent debauches. They don’t kiss and tell, they maintain their bank balances, and carry on respectably but they don’t abstain from the bacchanalia of existence. They partake of the fruits, healthily, steadily, and robustly. They might look like squares on the surface and they are but deep down they rejoice. However, they take their senses very seriously.

Taurus Moon doesn’t like to be told what to do. They don’t want to tell others what to do either. Left to their own desires and compulsions is what pleases them. Naturally Libertarian, they believe if people are allowed to thrive and be fruitful that all will be well. Moon in Taurus natives won’t spend money they don’t have and live within their means. The attitude towards finance is sensible and simple - they distrust financial instruments that are flashy but unsound, especially ones that create no value. Whatever they invest in, whether a person, a company, or an object, it has to have sound fundamentals or they won’t go within a mile of it. Much as Taureans like money and comfort they will not sell-out their principles for it. They will wait for the right opportunities to come along even if they have to wait a long time. Meanwhile, These lunar bulls kick back and enjoy themselves. No frayed nerves here.

Letting Nature Take Its Course

In the Tao Te Ching, an ancient book of Chinese wisdom, it says, “I do nothing, and nothing is left undone.” This might seem an odd thing to say in light of the frenetic pace of modern industrial society. What it means is that if you follow nature’s way of getting things done and bring yourself into accord with the natural cycle of ebb and flow your output of energy will always necessarily be minimal because you are no longer taking action but allowing nature to take action through you. In addition to this your actions become perfect, no longer distinguishable as individual actions because they neither add nor subtract anything from the economy of the whole.

Taurus Moon understands this maxim well. They do not advance in a time of retreat nor sow in a time of reaping. This knowledge is ingrained in their marrow and requires no thought to access. It is just there. Thus, they are the least likely of all types to make fools of themselves.

This Taurean attitude is the same whether it is applied to a business venture, consummating a relationship, or raising a child, they do not interfere with the organic development of the enterprise but simply allow events to unfold in their own time, inserting themselves at pivotal moments to yield the greatest gain, for themselves or others. If the door is not open at the time they want to walk through it they do not force it open, they retire for a spell and wait for a more opportune time to advance. Taurus Moon understands the economics of all situations and does not waste time in unfruitful actions.