Taurus personality, Mother Nature's Son

Taurus is the sign of the Bull. When the Taurus personality wants something they go after it deliberately. Having made up their minds nothing can dissuade them from their course of action.

Taurus is placid on the surface but underneath there is an iron will. As one of the four fixed signs Taurus represents power, particularly formative power. Taurus will acquiesce in small matters of daily living liking someone else to be responsible for setting routines. In larger matters of import, the bull has strong feelings about the way things should be done.

Tauruses are always being called the fathers, godfathers, or grand-daddies of movements; Kierkegaard is the father of existentialism, Freud the father of psychoanalysis, Iggy Pop the godfather of punk, Brian Eno is the father of ambient music, Buzz Osborne of The Melvins is the granddaddy of Grunge,and Robert Oppenheimer is the father of the atomic bomb.

Oftentimes, they will be the true but unacknowledged progenitor of a medium or movement. This is because the personality of Taurus isn't inclined to seek the limelight. Someone else (like a Sagittarius) will popularize or bring the movement before the public.

Taurus will persist in endeavors that have integrity but are not commercially viable. As artists they are avant-gardists. Like Aries, they are concerned with pleasing themselves and don’t care what others think.

The Taurus personality seeks silence through nature or music. The cessation of internal thought is a strong urge for the bull. Being present in the moment, all the senses alive, touching the earth or the bark of a tree heals the Taurean.

Socially and politically, the Taurus personality can be blissfully unaware of the world around them. The Garden of Eden before the fall is their true home, unaware of their nakedness, reveling in earthly delights. Simple pleasures engage the Bull like the look of the green grass or the feel of a soft velvety fabric, the way a crisp apple tastes on their tongue.

The knowledge of good and evil is unknown in this phase of the zodiac.

Taurus regards the body as a vehicle for pleasure and enjoyment and sees nakedness as the natural state. All the new-fangled technologies of intimacy and commerce and 101 ways to please your lover, all that psycho-babble is maddening to Taurus. They don't get the cosmopolitan or the urbane.

The Taurus personality loves country living. They are naturally agrarian and living on a farm where they can see crops grown to be harvested and animals breeding their offspring brings contentment.

Anything that is too complicated arouses distrust in the Bull.

Taurus can't see why anything under the sun shouldn’t be simple and easy to understand. A city should be a natural outgrowth of small town or village living. But, in cities the tribes are dissolved and everyone is a stranger. Taurus is puzzled by this anonymity and displacement of the familiar. The Bull grows neurotic in cities cut off from the source of life, a vegetable man in the cosmopolis, a true stranger to environments made of steel and concrete.

Taurus grows attached to people and can stay in relationships out of inertia. They need to build momentum. Once in motion it is hard to stop them. More than any other sign Taurus needs to take risks because they are prone to go on in the same well-worn furrows rather than adjust their course.

Of course, you can tell them they are due for a change but the Taurus personality is stubborn and refuses to listen to reason. Logic has little impact on them. You can’t force the bull, you have to appeal to their emotional nature and gently lead them. They see no reason to hurry, preferring to wait until ideal circumstances materialize. The Bull will wait forever for something of value. They may be slow but they do not lose sight of their objectives. They persist and eventually get what they want.

The Taurus personality is constructive building up resources and developing skills to further their aims. The Bull is slow to acquire an aptitude, but having done so, never loses it.

To them a firm base is the only one worth building on. No point in building an ornate edifice on an unstable foundation. The Bull always lays a strong foundation allowing them to build superstructures, layering ability upon ability until they become formidable monsters in their realm. Because Taurus is a sign of power and construction they concentrate their wills singularly on their objectives until they build an empire.

Yet, other Taureans are not ambitious, content to meander in the pastoral, having no big city dreams.

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